March 1, 2016

This was the day selected for my mom’s memorial.  Ironically, this would have been her 65th birthday.  Since my mom was in gradeschool, she battled anorexia nervosa.  She had good years and faced many challenges.  In 2015, she was diagnosed with stomach cancer.  She was 65 pounds at the time.  I am not an expert but, one of the risk factors is a type of anemia.  At 65 pounds she was not getting anywhere near enough nutrients.  I firmly believe her anorexia contributed to the cancer.  For the first time she found something she was more afraid of than anorexia.  Unfortunately for her, it was too late.  I’m hoping by telling her story from a family member’s perspective that I can save someone from the hell we went through.  Many people believe eating disorders affect the young and with treatment they just grow out of it.  That is not always the case.  For now I take comfort knowing my mom is finally at peace.

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