My mom was one of the most giving people I knew, except to herself.  She defied a lot of preconceptions regarding women.  She did not have the latest clothes, coats or shoes.  In fact I remember one time, she was stressing about getting another coat since her current one was starting to fall apart.  I asked her well how long have you had it (yes I know that was immaterial but knowing my mom this was important information).  One coat had been my grandmas which tell you how old that thing was.  Another she had bought and it lasted her ten years.  I was like buy the coat mom you need it and deserve it.  That is just how she was.  She always put herself last

I get my giving nature from my mom.  I am working on starting a completely new career and my fiancé is doing the same.  We help each other out immensely.  This week there are some things we need to do to further his and get to another step so some of mine is taking a back seat.  Not complaining and I am doing this because I want to.  This is just how we work.  We uplift each other.  We take care of each other.

I also like to pay attention in stores and compliment a stranger on a hat (was homemade crochet) or offer to help someone who might be in need.  Yes I know you have to be careful but I refuse to let the criminals win.  Momma would have been the same way.

I get my love for animals from my mom too.  She was a vegetarian.  That will never be me.  I love bacon too much.  But I love animals.  I had a dog that was like a child to me.  I look forward to getting another dog at some point.  I am not a fan of the creepy crawly bugs and you won’t catch me camping but I do understand they play an important part in our ecosystem.

We need more giving people like my mom.  We need more people to give not because of the notoriety, but because it is the right thing to do.  I especially love going on youtube and seeing videos of people across the country on Steve Harvey show that have made a difference.  This warms my heart so much.  All of us individuals can play a key role in making our world a better place.

–Sarah Cobble

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