Beauty of mom

Yes, I miss my mom.  Every. Single. Day.  Ironic considering how we bumped heads.  I also realize that in spite of her demons, she was and incredible woman.  She was not selfish.  My mom was giving.

If there was snow on the ground, she would shovel her driveway and that of her neighbors.  Not all her neighbors were elderly.  She did this to be kind.

My mom volunteered for the food pantry.  She would put donations together and would make deliveries.  She did not look down on people.  My mom brought joy and smiles to all that knew her.

My mom was immensely kind, especially to those less fortunate.  She did not do this for notoriety.  Mom knew what it was like to struggle with demons or in general.  She strived to do what she could to give others hope.

My mom was a quiet beauty.  She did not like pictures being taken.   Barely wore make up and definitely did not have the latest fashion.  Her beauty came from within.

Mama was an amazing cook.  Neighbors and co workers loved getting her home made breads and cookies.  The meals she made were outstanding.  One of her chocolate cakes she would make has been renamed Patty’s Chocolate Cake.

My mom is a hero. She may have had demons to big to conquer.  In spite of that, she made her life, her dash, mean something.  Now she is a beautiful soul who gained her wings.

–Sarah Cobblepexels-photo-187069.jpeg

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