Hug from Heaven

Last night I had a dream.  It war was longer.  She looked good.  She was wearing one of those granny nightgowns that she used to wear and her hair was longer.  She was happy

As soon as I saw her I yelled MOM!! and I ran to her hugging her.  I could feel a little bit of anger, though I don’t thing it was towards me.  It seemed like we hugged for the longest time.  I did not want to let go.  I could really feel her.

One of the things in life I always wanted to do even when we weren’t getting along, was a hug a day.  They didn’t always go as planned but I tried to maintain that connection.

I loved that hug from my mom in my dreams.  After my dad passed not quite 11 years ago, I was so frustrated.  I wanted to feel some connection to him like some others did and I didn’t.  Even my ex would brag about it and I missed him immensely.  I felt him a few times but, not like I wanted or needed.  I would often talk to my mom about that.  Not because I wanted to hurt her, I just missed him so bad.  Seeing my mom in my dreams last night was awesome.  Being able to hold her and hug her tight without worrying I was going to break her was amazing.  That I will also cherish.

–Sarah Cobbleangel-fig-face-christmas-39014.jpeg

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