My Mom would have stood up for #Enough

twenty20_d9341a0e-2610-4367-a8cc-89422a23f9a5.jpgSaturday, if my mom had been alive, I truly believe she would have been proud.  Heck if she could have, she would have marched with the kids saying #enough.  That makes me smile.  Knowing how she would have stood up and said this is #Enough.

My mom was a lot stronger than many give her credit for.  I am not talking about her eating disorder.  I am talking about the rest of her.  She is a survivor of abuse.  She is a survivor in life.  She loved to bring beauty into the world.  She loved to bring kindness and caring, especially to those who really needed it.

My mom instilled in me the desire to stand up for people less fortunate.  The ones who don’t seem to have a voice.  Way too often those who are struggling for the basics do not get heard.  People simply want to look at them with preconceived notions.  Not my mom.  Mom had a gift of looking past all of that.  Yes, some of the disenfranchised were there because of mistakes they made.  However, last time I checked, none of us are perfect.  Mom knew, even the poor and other groups the some people like to ignore, had a voice that deserved to be heard.

To me, the most beautiful people in the world realize the importance to give back even if cameras are not rolling.  This was my mom.

–Sarah Cobble

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