Easter for mom

Easter is coming.  From what my mom told me growing up, Easter is more important than Christmas to Catholics since Jesus and God saved us.  I am not Catholic myself anymore for my own personal reasons.  I am Christian and I am thinking of becoming Baptist.  My mom was a devout Catholic.  If she were here, as much as she did not approve of me leaving the church, she would be thrilled I would want to be in a church.  She was practically jumping for joy when she discovered I liked quartet gospel.  She was thankful to my fiancé for that one.

Easter was special to my momma.  She always loved to cook.  She was an AMAZING cook.  Some years were not as warm outside yet the holiday felt warm.  With the spring colors and feelings of joy spending time with relatives.  The only thing that would make my mom sad right now is that her family is no longer together.  The last time I spent any real-time with them was at her memorial.  I miss them immensely.  I grew up with them.

In light of Easter coming, I hope all my family is safe and happy.  I hope my mom gets to enjoy all that she couldn’t on this Earth in heaven.  She deserves the best.  Love you mom.

–Sarah Cobble

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