I miss my Momma for Easter

Today will be Easter.  One of my mom’s favorite holidays.  I have been thinking a lot about her the last few days.  I think of my parents every day.  I miss my mom’s cooking.  As much as she battled anorexia, she was an amazing cook.  I made her nervous in the kitchen so I did not get much of her cooking wisdom.

I keep thinking of the flowers she grew and her getting her garden ready.  I know its April now and technically too early for that but, I have been thinking of that.   All the beautiful flowers.  When she still lived her in town, she planted daisies just for me.  They are my favorite.  I don’t have her green thumb either.  She was a very talented woman.  A hard worker.  She was probably one of the hardest workers I have ever met.  I remember one year, she took out a tree stump.  That thing had to have been over a foot wide.  She dug it out though all by herself.  It took her the whole day but she did it.

My momma loved Easter because of her faith.  She was a devout Catholic.  I hope to become Baptist eventually myself.  I pray now more and give thanks every day.  I enjoy gospel music especially quartet gospel music.  I feel the presence of God in my life.  I know even tho I left the Catholic Church she would be happy that I have welcomed God back into my life.  I know he blesses me everyday.  Even the bad days are blessings considering God gets me through.  I wish momma had been strong enough to where she could have enjoyed the quartet gospel that my fiancé has introduced to me.  I know she would have been excited about his radio station here at the house.  I can just see her smiling and enjoying the love quietly.

I miss my mom terribly.  I wish I had someplace to go see her but I don’t.  Really I just want to feel her arms again.  Or have my head in her lap like I did growing up.  I miss her presence.  I know as I work hard toward my dreams and goals she would have been nervous and she would have been proud.

I miss my momma something fierce.  I wish she could have been able to even be at our house or hers and celebrated the holiday with her.  Enjoying good food and gospel music.  Celebrating the joy that is Easter.  Celebrating the joy in life.  I can just see her being so happy.

I miss my momma something fierce.

–Sarah Cobblepexels-photo-208315.jpeg


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