How did mom do it without sleep

i wonder how my mom did it.  I know she suffered from anxiety but she somehow pushed thru.  I am not saying her methods were healthy.  However, when you are exhausted and faced with another sleepless night, I wish more than ever I had some of her wisdom.

My nerves feel like fingers in my body.  It’s so hard for me to keep still.  I have to limit my activities so I don’t wake my fiancé up.  Not because he gets mad, but because we like to show each other mutual respect.  Besides there is nothing he can do to help me.  My eyes are tired but the pinball ball inside me is not off yet and i do not have the switch.

The meds help.  Somedays, they are not enough.  So instead I sit here at my laptop wondering when sleep will come.  I have so much i want to start tacking when I get up.  I need the sleep..My eyes are heavy… but sleep is a distant memory right now

I just wish I knew how my mom did it.

—Sarah Cobble

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