Sorry it has been a while.  Mother’s day was difficult to get thru. I know there will be days like that. Unfortunately, it doesn’t make it any easier.

I made some calls last week.  My mom wanted her ashes to be spread around some flowers.  It turns out there are some legalities to that.  I thought at one point of putting her ashes around my younger sister who died in childbirth.  Unfortunately, that requires them opening up my sister’s grave to put the ashes there.  I can not scatter them.  It also costs over one grand.  I know my mom would be furious at the thought of my sister’s resting place being disturbed.

There is a park here in town I used to love to walk at.  Has beautiful landscaping and flowers.  I called them and even though technically it’s not supposed to happen, they allow it as long as we aren’t disturbing other park attendees.  Now I just need to coordinate with a few people who wanted to be there and watch the weather as best as I can.

I still needed something to feel close to my mom.  So I found a necklace that I can put a few of her ashes in.  Yes, I know I can go to the park but, it’s not the same as seeing her name on a stone.  I went to this website and found the perfect one.  Unless, I told someone, no one would guess what I would be wearing.  I have collected angels in the past.  An angel pendant is very fitting.  After all, mom is and always was, an angel.

–Sarah Cobble

Pendant to keep my mom close to my heart

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